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Any donation made to DivinityMU is non-refundable. It should be noted that the purchase of Diamonds / Objects / Premium Services (hereinafter "products") and donations are completely different. We do NOT sell products, we ONLY accept donations made voluntarily by the account user. All donations have their own rewards for server maintenance and monthly expenses. Any donation made is non-refundable. Whether you donated once or 100 times, you are just like any other player who did not donate and will receive the same type of support. There will be no distinction between players. Whether the players are donors or not, the treatment will be the same. If the rules are broken, donors may also be banned. If, for any reason, a donor is banned, all items in their accounts will be blocked along with the account. Also, the donated amount will not be refunded. The DivinityMU administration does not issue refunds for any product once the order has been delivered. Refund of a donated amount will be made only with proof, by the APPLICANT, if the products have not been delivered for various reasons. Attempting a fake donation or canceling after delivery of the products will result in permanent blocking of the account and access to the server.

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VersionSeason 18
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ZexXEmpire Lord400
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