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Dear Friends,

Lovers of MU Online and appreciated users of our server - Utopia MU,


First and foremost, we want to thank you all for being here! This is a message from the two people behind this new server. We are two ordinary people, a webmaster and a graphic designer, old friends who share a few things in common, one of them being the fact that we have been playing MU Online since 2002, so that’s more than 20 years ago.


In all these years we tried a lot of private servers, even the official one and always thought about creating our own server, one that is not driven by the desire to make money, but to create a great community where we can enjoy our beloved game together, without paywalls, unresponsive or biased admins that privilege different guilds and, of course, bugs.


So here we are, and we decided to keep our server in Beta Testing for about one month, and we kindly invite you to stay with us and give us feedback with all the bugs you find and all the things you would like to see in our server. All the players that remain with us while beta testing, will be greatly compensated with VIP status, WC coins (Webz), Ruud Coins and Goblin Coins (Gobz), after the server relaunches. Also we will open a few admin slots for those who wish to take part of our project after the beta testing is finished. 


We would like to thank all of you who already donated some cash. As was stated before, we are not here for the money. We only wish to use the donations to pay for the server maintenance, and upgrade it even more.


What we have in plan while Beta Testing:

  • repair all the bugs

  • gather and implement valuable feedback from our community

  • improve the drop rates so you can enjoy the game better

  • remake our entire website


Things we wish to implement after Beta Testing, (how we will spend money from donations):

  • buy new modules and improve server quality

  • buy world creator and make new maps and new monsters

  • create new items

  • customize events

  • create new seasonal events

  • organize prized competitions


So, thank you again for being here and especially we would like to thank all of you who already provided us with feedback and volunteered to help us improve our server! We are sure that together we have the chance to build, if not the greatest, at least the most fun MU Online server there is.


With love and appreciation,

Ştefan and Ciprian

Utopia MU admins

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